To-die-for Chocolate Mint Cookies!

Download the full recipe on my blog: Add my social sites for giveaways, questions, updates, pictures, and much more! ‪ Suscribe to my vlog channel! If you don’t like mint, try melting a Hazelnut chocolate, Nutella, or small chunks of Reese’s peanut butter cup on top of the cookie. Nailpolish: Orly – Pixy Stix
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “To-die-for Chocolate Mint Cookies!”

  1. O M Freaking G!!! These cookies were a hit at my sorority and fraternity’s new years eve party. My best friend even requested that I make her 6 dozen for her bridal shower. You recipe is so awesome. Love you bunches!!!

  2. It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when normal people are able to lose fat easily using Atomic Fat Loss (go google it).

  3. I think I will make these for my boyfriend when I’m done university this semester! He’s a cookie lover and says I never bake anything, lol. These look delicious! Thanks for sharing!! 😀

  4. AHAHA shay watched a dif movie lol. and the people at the movie theater vlog bombing shay haha

  5. That’s the worst cookie i’ve had since the Great Depression…. What’d you put in those cookies? Death? … Did she stutter? I’ve had diapers that tasted better than these things do….Mommy’s a liar. …….you melt my face i give you some POT! AHAHAH

  6. Today is my 18th bday and I’m feeling under the weather (i know how ya feel princesstard!). I also have my exams this week (oh boy). Watching your videos always cheers me up and is the perfect study break. By the way, I am loving my new calendar (and I usually don’t use one so this is extra special). Too bad it’s not signed:(. Thank you once again for infallibly putting a smile on my face. I know you and your family will go very far, as if you haven’t already!
    One Dedicated Fan

  7. Shay and family,
    I cannot emphasize enough how much I admire your dedication and hard work into everything you guys do. I’ve been watching your videos every night and I always find myself constantly checking your channel for the latest vlog. You and your family have been such a huge inspiration to many, including me. I really hope you guys continue doing what you guys do best: making people happy. Continue to the next comment. –>

  8. I smiled when you said Scotland lol
    Yes that’s right you have a viewer from all the way in Scotland.

  9. That awesome moment when your catching up on shaytards at 4 in the morning and can’t stop your self from laughing at shay talking for rocktard 😀

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