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Want a surefire hit dessert, without a trip to the oven? Try this no-bake, double-layer pumpkin delight—its luscious spiced flavor will wow your family and friends. Theres even a way to trim some calories and fat from the recipe—let the Kraft Kitchens tell you how! Get the recipe here: www.kraftrecipes.com Link: Sign up at Kraftfoods.com for even more great food ideas! www.kraftfoods.com

How to Make Pumpkin Apple Pie, Thanksgiving Day Pie

How to Make Pumpkin Apple Pie, Thanksgiving Day Pie

✿ Please check here for the recipe and additional information! Subscribe to my new cooking channel COOKwithAPRIL: www.youtube.com Please comment, rate and subscribe! I truly appreciate the gesture so much! ✿ Blog post & pictures: aprilathena7.blogspot.com In this video you will learn how to make a pie crust from scratch, make apple pie filling and pumpkin pie filling. My husband Justin will be the taste taster of the pie in the end of the video at youtu.be I hope you enjoy this how to video! ❤ Other ways we can connect: FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com BLOG: aprilathena7.blogspot.com BEAUTYLISH: www.beautylish.com TWITTER: twitter.com Pie Crust: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup chilled and diced butter 1/4 cup ice water + 1/4 cup more after mixing Pumpkin Apple Pie recipe is from Whole Foods: www.wholefoodsmarket.com * I made minor changes: 1. I used pumpkin spice instead of the spices the recipe called for. 2. I used condensed milk instead of evaporated milk because I like my pie to taste sweeter. Similar aprons can be found at Flirty Aprons: bit.ly Cooking supplies you will need to make Pumpkin Apple Pie: *Pie Pan: tinyurl.com *Hand Mixer: tinyurl.com *Clear Glass Mixing Bowls: tinyurl.com *Measuring Spoons: tinyurl.com *Rolling Pin: tinyurl.com *Oven Mitts: tinyurl.com *Measuring Cups: tinyurl.com Copyright free music purchased from Audio Jungle “Positive Thinking” Instrumental Tags: “easy recipe” “Thanksgiving Day pie” “Thanksgiving day dessert” cooking
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Christmas Mince Pies How to make recipe - Homemade Pastry

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How to Make Pumpkin Pie & Crust – The Art and Soul of Baking

How to Make Pumpkin Pie & Crust - The Art and Soul of Baking

A demo of how to make Pumpkin Pie and Flaky Pie Dough by Cindy Mushet, author of the cookbook The Art and Soul of Baking. The Art and Soul of Baking from cooking authority Sur La Table guides readers through the world of baking. More than 275 recipes cover all the bases from tasty pies, tantalizing tarts, melt-in-your-mouth meringues, and delicious cookies to more complicated creations such as flaky pastries, decadent cakes, and lighter-than-air soufflés. Novice bakers and pastry perfectionists alike will be tempted the treats within. Additionally, there are 100 sumptuous, full-color photographs by acclaimed photographer Maren Caruso. Along with finished dishes, Maren captures helpful step-by-step techniques. Whether you’re new to the kitchen or baking is a familiar old friend, the guidance and recipes in The Art and Soul of Baking will not only make everything you bake look and taste better, but they will also improve the quality of your time spent in the kitchen. cookbooks.andrewsmcmeel.com

Get Recipe:divascancook.com No-bake summer pies usually call for a cookie pie crust. Here is s upper easy and delicious recipe to whip up your own homemade cookie pie crust. Use graham crackers, ores, shortbread, sugar cookies, gingersnaps, any kind od crunchy cookie will do. Think outside the box when a recipe calls for a graham cracker pie crust. I like to use Nilla Wafers. Strawberry ice cream pie is also great with a shortbread or nilla wafer crust. Chocolate cheesecake is divine with thin mint cookies. Music by Kevin Macleod

Bake a Cake This Halloween!

01320770465_p6021123.jpgIf you are having a Halloween party this year, you might want some other dessert besides fun sized candy bars. A Halloween cake makes a great dessert, and can also be a fun centerpiece on your dinner table while the meal is being served. Here are two creative Halloween cakes that you can try on your own. Don’t feel pressured to limit yourselves to these – you can always create your own Halloween dessert masterpieces.

The Happy Pumpkin

You can easily turn your everyday cake mix into a pumpkin creation with the help of bunt pans and decorative icing.

Take 3 boxes of your favorite white or yellow cake mix, and mix according to package decorations. Pour the batter into two bunt pans, and bake according to package decorations. Allow the cakes to cool completely and remove from the pan.

While you are waiting for the cakes to cool, empty three cans of vanilla frosting into a mixing bowl.

Wedding Cake Ideas – Princess Cake

I cannot recall the exact time of the first time I watched Cinderella but I still remember covering my face with my mom’s sofa pillows as I gazed Cinderella kissing the prince in front of their fabulous wedding cake as the narrator said “…and they lived happily ever after” through the pillows edges. As I grow up, I still remember the feeling I hope I will be getting: the feeling I got when I watched the romantic cartoon. This maybe is embarrassing but true. I believe most girls in the world carry the dream of being a cartoon princess and live happily ever after in their marriage life with their prince charming in their hearts. 10 Benefits to Halloween Fun

Many people see Halloween as a time of fun, costumes and candy. Others see it as a way to honor the dead relatives that have passed or celebrate the coming of fall and winter. No matter what you think of Halloween, there are some benefits that celebrating this holiday can offer you. Here is a look at just some Make Your Wedding Cake Unique with Monogram Cake Toppers

Weddings are all about the couple. It’s not just the bride’s but the groom’s special day as well. Months of preparation and seemingly frivolous shopping for fabrics, venues, accessories and decorations to use in a ceremony that lasts only a few hours at the most is intended to serve a greater purpose – to build a remarkable and wonderful set of memories for this happy occasion. Johnny Cakes

NATIVE BELIZEAN JOHNNY CAKES Belizean food is easy to prepare, physically filling and delightfully delicious. How about a dish of Johnny Cakes? Johnny Cakes are a favored breakfast dish in Belize. JohIf you are pretty practiced with cake decorating, 2 may be enough, but three cans will allow extra to work out unevenness and fingerprints. Add red and yellow food coloring to the frosting, stirring until the frosting becomes the desired orange color for your pumpkin. Frost the flat side of the bunt cakes, and then stack on top of each other to create your pumpkin shape. Then continue to frost the sides of the cake until you have an orange pumpkin.

If you would like to turn your pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, simply use some black icing to draw your eyes, nose, and a mouth. You can also consider decorating a small cupcake with brown or green icing to create a stem. If you are very practiced in cake decorating, consider some pumpkin vines down the sides and back.
Your company is sure to be impressed.

The Creepy Spider web

If you want something a little spookier for your Halloween party, consider a creepy spider web cake. A little frosting and a chocolate muffin can help you make this creepy cake.

Take one box of your favorite chocolate cake mix and mix it according to the package decorations. Bake in two round pans and allow cooling completely.

While the cakes are cooling, scoop 2 cans of vanilla frosting into a large mixing bowl. Combine yellow and blue food coloring (or yellow and green) until you come up with a spooky green color. Spread a layer between the two cakes, and the cover the rest of the cake with frosting.

Draw a spider web on the top of the cake using black icing. You can start by drawing lines straight across as though the cake was a clock – from12 to 6, 1 to 7, 2 to 8, etc. Then starting at the center of the cake, draw larger circles working their way outwards until the web is complete.

Take a chocolate muffin or cupcake and cut of the “stem” so you are left with the top. Frost the entire thing with chocolate frosting and then roll in chocolate sprinkles. Set onto the “web” and attach small pieces of black string licorice to be the legs.

If you would like to get even more creative, you can extend your web down the sides of the cake, and draw on bugs using different colored icing.

With a few cake decorating skills and some creativity, you too can create spooky Halloween desserts.