12 thoughts on “Stainless Steel Baking Sheet–Peanut Butter Cookies”

  1. I got the Norpro bread pans coming & I have 2 of the round cake pans & love
    them. Any of the s/s coming from India is heavy and nice. My jelly roll
    pans came from China & were thin & damaged so I sent them back. Can you
    check & see if your jelly roll pans came from India or China & let me know?
    Ty! I want those jelly roll pans but only if they are from India & good
    quality & not flimsy as mine were. I could twist those so I know they would
    warp. Now you have to buy $35 to get free shipping. =(´╗┐

  2. Phyllis I love these peanut butter cookies. I’m a peanut butter lover and
    those look delicious. Great tips on amazon and buying also. I’m getting
    those pans you have. Thank you

  3. I have enjoyed discovering your cooking videos, thank you for this one! I
    was the fork tender in my moms kitchen when it was peanut butter cookie
    baking time! I love watching videos and having great memories. ty

  4. Love your videos Phyllis, looking forward to the bread baking videos. Also
    enjoy when you tell a little story from the past. Great old fashioned

  5. I remember 30 to 32 students in my elementary classes. This was in the
    early 60’s. I was in 2nd grade when Kennedy was shot in 1963..I’m sure
    dating myself here, LOL. Our school was rural so that may be why my classes
    were smaller than yours.

  6. Also just wondering if you and your husband eat all the goodies you make or
    do you freeze or give them away?

  7. I don’t remember how many students were in my classes as a child, but I do
    remember going half days. My dad was career military and I calculated once
    that I went to 15 different schools in 12 years. I agree that kids were
    better behaved in those days, over all. I imagine that’s why the class size
    was not a big factor in how we learned. Kids sat still and paid attention.

  8. Those cookies look so good. I’m glad you’ve shared that old recipe Phyllis.
    The newer ones aren’t nearly as good. I’m in the baby boomer era too.
    Wasn’t that a wonderful time to grow up? My memories are awesome..no drugs,
    guns, gangs, in fact hardly any of what goes on today existed in the 50’s.
    It was all clean fun. The pans looked great. So glad you explained about

  9. Phyllis, I am a baby boomer, too. I was born in 1948. We had 40-45 students
    in our elementary classes. My former husband said he had to go 1/2 days.
    too. These cookies bring back wonderful memories! LOVE the pans.

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