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Like this healthy recipe? Thumbs up above and subscribe: Craving some fresh baked cookies? Tara Stiles’ snickerdoodle recipe will delight your tastebuds with cinnamon and sugar goodness! Substitute almond milk for dairy milk for a low-fat option without skimping on flavor! Get the full recipe here: There’s more Tara Eats where this came from: Check out the Yoga Solution with Tara: About Tara: Inspirational teacher and “Yoga Rebel” Tara Stiles offers fun and simple ways to improve your life. Whether it’s on the yoga mat or a healthy and delicious recipe, Tara’s easy-to-follow and approachable tips will guide you towards living well every day. Connect with LIVESTRONG Woman: Explore: Like: Follow: More Tara: Some More Videos You May Like:

How to make delicious, moist and chewy chocolate chip cookies at home. My recipe is so easy and is as no fail as you can get. Give it a go! Check out my channel — Share With Friends – Subscribe – Ingredients: 1 1/3 cups plain flour ½ cup caster sugar (or superfine sugar, substitute plain white sugar if not available) ¼ cup brown sugar 100g softened butter 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla extract or essence ½ tsp bi carb soda 1 cup of choc chips Enjoy! Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies Video Recipe choc How To How-to cookie dough soft moist food bake baked baking sweet treat dessert biscuit biscuits CookWithAussie Cook With Aussie Griller AussieGriller cooking making make made homemade simple easy recipes channel channels show cuisine kitchen eating eat snack

50 thoughts on “Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe | Tara Stiles Eats”

  1. “Healthy recipe”… yeah, not so much. Low-fat they may be, compared to normal snickerdoodles, but really, the only healthy option here is not to eat them.

  2. Exactly how much of each ingredient is used? So how much:
    -Pastry flower
    -Almond milk
    -Vanilla Extract
    -Baking Powder

    Thank you so much for this amazing recipe!

  3. they look really good tara even better as a gingerbread man haha,still on the holiday mood here lol

  4. She reminds me so much of the character Mindy from the show “Drake and Josh”
    (Josh’s eventual girlfriend.)

  5. I had it at around 180 C and for 20 minutes it stayed with its round shape and nothing happened until i flattened them myself 🙁 Would lowering the temperature still help even though nothing happened after so long?

  6. Sounds like your oven is too hot, lots of ovens’ temperature dials can be out by as much as 20c, try dropping the temp 20 degrees.

  7. Okay I need help! I’ve done the exact same thing said in this video and I ended up with the exact same dough mixture but my cookies barely flattened and were really hard… Does anybody have any idea how to fix this? I have tried so many different recipes that were done exactly as asked and never came out chewy or flat or even a little soft…

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