Royal Icing Cookies by Crumb Boss

Crumb Boss is in she knows how to use Royal Icing decorating beautiful cookies and shares with you how to do it in seconds. Watch how cool this video is because not only can you do it on Valentines cookies but any other kind of cookies you feel like baking.
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24 thoughts on “Royal Icing Cookies by Crumb Boss”

  1. Pleaase show me how to make that icing, youre the boss.. You guys make the best desert and the best videos always so happy makes me wanna bake!

  2. The “box of chocolates” idea with the mini-cupcakes is brilliant. I know what I’m giving out for Valentine’s Day!

  3. One other question … I use Lecithin in a lot of my sweets. It is even used in my fondant. Would lecithin help or mess up my sugar/butter cookie recipe? I’m wanting to add both hi-ratio shortening & unsalted real butter to my recipe. What do you think?
    Thank you so, so much 🙂

  4. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer (I can only imagine how insanly busy you are) As much as I would have loved to attend a school, such as yourself, to learn these types of things, life didn’t allow me that opportunity … I’m hoping to learn from you.

  5. Since you’re a confectionary expert I am hoping that you can explain why RI made with Meringue Powder must be whipped. I know the purpose for whipping mp is to add volume which is where the air comes in. Why is this a necessity when air seems to the be the culprit for pitting, craters & holes (especially when working in small areas ~ eyes, etc.? Is there a better way to make RI so as to avoid incorporating all that air? -1b, Word limit

  6. Nope, in my situation I have to use Meringue Powder instead of real egg whites. I’m an artist who uses decorated iced cookies as my medium. Although I’ve searched & searched for why every RI recipe states to whip it anywhere from 5 to 12 minutes I can’t find the reason for doing this. After it’s whipped/or beaten neyxt comes adding liquid to thin out the RI for piping & flooding. It seems to me that the more air added to RI the more problems with air bubbles & cratering – 1a, YT has word limit!

  7. How do you prevent RI cookies from cratering? I’ve tried everything but still get the craters! Love all your videos 🙂

  8. What kind of chocolate frosting did you use for the chocolate cupcakes that you were showing in the heart shapes container

  9. hahahaha, well…its opinion I guess…..these sell like CRAZY at the bakery! But some, DO NOT like them.

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