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  1. Exactly! Irrelevant and cutesy to the point of being offensive and then I start thinking, what’s WITH these guys, they seem to be far too excited and out of control. But then again, thankfully, we have so many others who are not only marvelous chefs, but very professional as well like Stephanie, and many of them with a relaxed and genuine sense of humour as opposed to something that is totally exhibitionist..

  2. thank you Stephanie, for teaching and sharing a skill so useful and meaningful…most of all thank you for a demonstraation that speaks to the process appropriate to the subject versus some personalities who do it with a “cutesiness” that’s utterly irrelevant….

  3. @JoyofBaking1 I made the pound cake using your advice again, because the first time it came out salty, and it turned out delicious! Thank you!

  4. I enjoy your videos, quite informative.
    I am interested in the mixer you use. I’m in the market for one and yours
    seems to have features that appeal to me. The ease of raising and lowering
    and especially the infinite speed control. Would you please tell me the manufacturer.
    Thank you so much.

  5. Is this actually a butter cake? as i seen the ingredients are just same as butter cake. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  6. If I don’t have cake flour could I use unbleached all purpose flour? Or could I use a combination of all purpose flour and corn starch?

  7. I use a Kenwood Titanium Chef KM010. Not sure exactly how much it costs now as I bought mine on ebay quite a few years ago.

  8. I am an aspiring baker and want to invest in a nice mixer like yours. How much did your mixer cost?

  9. Normally if you are using a hand mixer, as opposed to a stand mixer, you will have to beat it a little longer. I would beat it until it looks like what I showed in the video.

  10. I have an electric hand mixer, I beat the batter for about 2 mins, it seems pretty wet than your video. After its baked, the cake didn’t rise…was it because I under beaten the batter? Should I continue to beat it until like the form in your video? Thank you!

  11. thanks very much for all your recepies and your explanations you give !!!!Iam from Greece and i love your videos!!!

  12. Whats the difference between cake flour and all purpose flour? I saw the ingredients in cake flour which has wheat flour like all purpose.

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