No-Bake Key Lime Pie from Scratch – Recipe Laura Vitale – Laura In The Kitchen Episode 58

No-Bake Key Lime Pie from Scratch - Recipe Laura Vitale - Laura In The Kitchen Episode 58

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Watch Brenda Hopkin, Head Baker at the Lion House, demonstrate the Lion House way to making the perfect pie crust. This clip is taken from the bonus DVD that comes with the cookbook, Lion House Pies. Visit for more information.

33 thoughts on “No-Bake Key Lime Pie from Scratch – Recipe Laura Vitale – Laura In The Kitchen Episode 58”

  1. Yes, I made this recipe this past summer´╗┐ and it never set. It was way too sweet for me, you’re basically eating spoonfuls of condensed milk with lime. I’m gonna try the extra steps you mentioned.

  2. I tried this recipe and I was super disappointed! It didn’t set.. I put´╗┐ it in the fridge for about six hours and was still extremely runny. So I had to serve it frozen just so it wasn’t as big of a mess. The flavor was delicious though, just as she described. If you make this here are some tips that may help the texture: Add about half a pkg of cream cheese (4oz). Beat two egg whites with the sugar until stiff peaks then fold w/ the milk. Fold about a cup of the whipped topping into the mixture.

  3. you dont taste your food either´╗┐ am not gonna try any recipe i dont see u internet youtube guys dont taste on camera

  4. Could you maybe do a video for marble cake i love it so much!!!! Thanks a bunch…..


    P.S. If not i have a´╗┐ few other ideas….

  5. I love meringue, so can I substitute the whipped cream with merigue and name it? do I make changes to the´╗┐ custard as well?

  6. jeez, people, she already said she couldn’t find key lime juice in her grocery store is she just uses lime. use key lime juice yourself´╗┐ if you think it’s wrong

  7. First of all that is no KEY LIME PIE, that is lime pie. Trust me there is a diference.
    All you have there is limes. or maybe you´╗┐ were not specif when mentioning your ingredients.

  8. So I tried this method a few hours´╗┐ ago & I am SOOO HAPPYYYYY it works!! I’ve failed at pie crusts my first 2 tries at blind baking them but this method definitely worked amazingly! Thank you so much! Now I can bake pies from scratch xD

  9. Check out my version of the “Perfect Pie Crust” My family and´╗┐ friends really love it´╗┐ watch?v=XHUwGaJD2pw

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