25 thoughts on “Molten Lava Cakes for Two”

  1. no the oven temp is high enough for long enough to kill any bacteria that may be in the eggs, it is safe to eat.

  2. Yes. No. Meaning you can eat it cold if that is what you want but no you will not get a lava texture. It will solidify. If you try to reheat it will not be the same. Best to eat the day you make it. While still warm.

  3. Can i eat it cold ? Like put it ib the fridge and eat it the next day ? Will i still get the lava texture ?

  4. Thanks so much for the great video and recipe! My boyfriend loved his surprise Valentine’s dessert! I loved it too!!

  5. YEY!! Hope he enjoys 🙂 If you ever need smaller recipes, I have two mug cakes out that are divine! Mocha and red velvet

  6. i just want to thank you for making these videos you have inspired me to start cooking and baking again i really liked to before but got to busy now i have all these new recipes to try and please dont worry bout the idiots leaving stupid comments all your videos are awesome much love 🙂

  7. OMGosh!!! this is the best and easiest recipe. Thank you so much for posting this video, this will make the best desert for the best valentines ever. My husband LOVES, LoVeS, Lava cake and will defiantly get me bonus points this year.

  8. Me and my friend tried this at a sleep over did everything and at the end nothing came out the middle and we put a cube of chocolate for it to come out will it give the same effect

  9. that’s nice for valentine’s day even if in the end it’s like a broken hart in two pieces. 😮

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