Leopard Print Vanilla Cake Part 2 by Crumb Boss

All recipes found at www.crumbboss.com This is part 2 of how to make a Leopard Cake and build it by Crumb Boss..**At the end of this video- we lost sound. I was finished telling most of the details except that I wondered why not pour the whole rest of the batter over top, but it is important to pipe it as I show you just as we lost sound, because otherwise you have a chance of making a marbled cake, and not leopard print, ALSO I baked this cake at 350 degrees for the first 20 minutes then turned the oven temp down to continue baking. This cake is thick and dense and takes almost an hour to bake, so rather than have crispy browned edges, I turn the temp down. that’s all I said. Check out the link below for all your Crumb Boss Must Haves! http Crumb Boss TV is the #1 pastry and baking channel on Youtube! Have you ever wanted to learn to make a fabulous dessert from a certified culinary pastry chef? How about your very first cake to share with your family and friends? What about learning how to properly decorate a cake with a pastry bag? These are just a few of the examples of amazing desserts you will learn on Crumb Boss TV.. Gretchen Price is the Crumb Boss! She is the guru who will show you each week how to properly make such creations that will have coming back for more! She is a certified culinary pastry chef that will teach you step by step and provides all the recipes, questions you may have on www.crumbboss.com and do forget to share all your photos with all the
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Get Recipe: divascancook.com This red velvet cake recipe is one of my blogs most popular recipe. It’s soft, moist, and delicious. So far this recipe has made it into 5 bakeries that I know about. It’s a true winner in my family. Frost with cream cheese frosting!!! Music By Kevin Macleod

50 thoughts on “Leopard Print Vanilla Cake Part 2 by Crumb Boss”

  1. Crumb Boss Would the leopard print work with your vanilla cake recipe 1? would it hold the print? or has anyone on here tried it with the vanilla cake 1 recipe??? Thanks

  2. Hey what happened to the sound ? Aaaaawwwwwwwww i was so enjoying that!! Maybe it was a technical glitch – hope you can fix it and we will revist this one! Really good and thanks so much for sharing it with all your adoring fans!!! God bless.

  3. Woo!! I thought I was like getting deaf or my phone broke (cuz I dropped it waay too many times) then I see the comments below…and I’m calm haha

  4. because it would all sort of blend together, so if you pipe it in btween the chocolate lines, its just better

  5. OMG! it is the best recipe EVER
    I’m not making any cakes BUT this amazing one
    it really works perfectly every time <3
    thanks a lot sweet diva xxx

  6. The BEST CAKE I HAVE MADE EVER! But one small question.. i feel a burning feeling after eating it..is it too much of baking powder?

  7. Okay thanks…. I will be trying this one… I’ve tasted some in the past that were too chocolaty and I’m not a chocolate love at all so it was disappointing.

  8. I think the distilled vinegar will make the cake don’t have a coffee and chocolate taste because the vinegar will bake with the cake batter

  9. i have never subscribed to anyone’s channel, but i think u will be my first. that is soon as i learn how to do this on my new tablet. lol thanks again

  10. can I minus out the white vinegar or must have the white vinegar? will it effect the cake if I didn’t put in white vinegar..?

  11. That’s how you do it! With them pecans and vanilla butter nut flavor! South Carolina, y’all!

  12. It goes by cups. But if you’re asking as far as how many tbsp. there are it’s 12 tablespoons. How many tsp. it’s 36 teaspoons. 🙂

  13. Go onto her website and go to desserts and scroll through every recipe until you can find it. 🙂

  14. I wouldn’t suggest it. Canola oil is used for frying, sauteeing as peanut oil is. Just go with what she’s telling you. 🙂

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