25 thoughts on “Julia Child Baking”

  1. You asshole, Julia was the sweetest woman ever to grace the fucking planet. She is the lady every one wants as their grand mother. You obviously have no passion and cannot see her charm.

  2. I hate this show! seriously it is just obnoxious as fuck! that old bitch hovers over their shoulder and asks about all the shit they fucking use. I seriously will make my own show and i will do everything to thwart my guests baking atempts.

  3. I do know that Dorie Greenspan wrote a cookbook with all the recipies from Julia’s series. On PBS.org, they do have some episodes. I tried to make the tourte, but I just couldn’t match the awesomeness of Julia.

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  5. she optimizes everything good about cooking… SHARING, LOVE and APPRECIATION of each other… what a great person she was!!!

  6. You can buy the “Baking with Julia” dvd’s on amazon. They have all the episodes on demand (CA cable).

  7. “It’s a dessert to cry over”Adorable lol she was such an interesting Lady in the true sense of the word. I really have to thank Meryl Streep for introducing me to her through the movie.-shh.. which I thought would be bad- boy was I wrong lol

  8. @nikki46236

    Some of the recipes from the series are at

    Look for Nancy Silverton’s Brioche Dough and Brioche Tart with Secret White Sauce

  9. Does anyone know the name of the desert at the end that Julia child is crying over? Please tell me? I would love to find the recipie.

  10. I know, that song combined with the food images, makes me feel like Homer Simpson tiptoeing through the land of chocolate. 

  11. I think that this has been my favorite comment on the countless Julia Child videos that I have watched, LOL.
    Thanks for that, picaticatara.

  12. Thank you to whom ever posted this, I watched her as a child and I am glad to have read her book – but I do believe she was the most amazing woman… she had substance, grit and talent, not to mention she was wild for her husband and he for her! Bless you Julia and may you rest in peace.

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