How to Make Pumpkin Apple Pie, Thanksgiving Day Pie

How to Make Pumpkin Apple Pie, Thanksgiving Day Pie

✿ Please check here for the recipe and additional information! Subscribe to my new cooking channel COOKwithAPRIL: Please comment, rate and subscribe! I truly appreciate the gesture so much! ✿ Blog post & pictures: In this video you will learn how to make a pie crust from scratch, make apple pie filling and pumpkin pie filling. My husband Justin will be the taste taster of the pie in the end of the video at I hope you enjoy this how to video! ❤ Other ways we can connect: FACEBOOK: BLOG: BEAUTYLISH: TWITTER: Pie Crust: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon salt 3/4 cup chilled and diced butter 1/4 cup ice water + 1/4 cup more after mixing Pumpkin Apple Pie recipe is from Whole Foods: * I made minor changes: 1. I used pumpkin spice instead of the spices the recipe called for. 2. I used condensed milk instead of evaporated milk because I like my pie to taste sweeter. Similar aprons can be found at Flirty Aprons: Cooking supplies you will need to make Pumpkin Apple Pie: *Pie Pan: *Hand Mixer: *Clear Glass Mixing Bowls: *Measuring Spoons: *Rolling Pin: *Oven Mitts: *Measuring Cups: Copyright free music purchased from Audio Jungle “Positive Thinking” Instrumental Tags: “easy recipe” “Thanksgiving Day pie” “Thanksgiving day dessert” cooking
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50 thoughts on “How to Make Pumpkin Apple Pie, Thanksgiving Day Pie”

  1. You said 2 and a forth cup of all purpose flour. But you wrote 2 cups on your info box? What’s this?

  2. I’m from colombia and we don’t have pumpkin here, so what can I use instead of pumpkin maybe auyama. please check it

  3. im gunna make your pie today and your cheesecake wish me luck
    hope every1 will like it as much as justin does lol

  4. I haven’t had it using this particular recipe, but I can tell you, to me the combination tastes really good. Something like you added a couple of ounces of Apple Cider to your pie. It goes so well together.I like to make apple pumpkin pie when I have some pumpkin mixture left over when I’m baking pumpkin pies. Sometimes I have more apple than pumpkin, but it’s still delish. I do wanna try this recipe cuz it looks good. Mine was made up by me, and is very,very simple. I hope you enjoy this pie.

  5. Gosh I wanna bake this so badly but I don’t know if I would like it because I’ve never tasted pumpkin pie before. Has anyone tried this receipe? Pls tell me how it went out thanks’ (:

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  7. I really love the way you look at your husband until he tries the food. it’s so cute !!!. you are amazing..Greetings from Bulgaria..продължавайте все така… ;] ;]

  8. Maybe your husband is handsome…But as a frenchman I can tell you that’s you are au very beautiful Lady…Oui vous êtes une femme charmante et superbe…
    Et encore merci pour votre recette du flan philippin au lait (filipino leche flan)
    A vous lire Beauté de Manille…

  9. You’re really helpful and specific! Thanks! I’m gonna try this. I moved from eng to USA and they’re not popular here

  10. What’s the difference between short crust and pie crust? I made these for Christmas they were a hit with the family. Thank you from Virginia, USA 🙂

  11. You’re welcome and same to you. I made them tonight, but I burned them! Oh, well. I still have plenty of dough for a few more batches. I followed your teaching, particularly on how to put them together. For the liquor, I used Grand Marnier and it worked great. I also added toasted walnuts.

  12. That´s a lovely comment and I very much appreciate that!
    Happy Christmas and I wish you a happy New Year 🙂

  13. I hope you had a nice cup of tea to wash them all down 🙂
    Well done and have a great Christmas!

  14. We can’t have any tummies exploding, that sounds a bit messy 🙂
    Can I recommend a good run, which should help to keep things in trim!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments over the time and for watching my vids.

  15. Do you mean you actually are able to keep them in the cake tin!
    My mince pies never manage to get into the cake tin 🙂
    Have a great week ahead and hopefully hear from you again soon.

  16. Awesome I will double this for Christmas this year! Could you tell me how much butter you used in cups or tablespoons? I really enjoy your videos, thanks!

  17. Thanks for that comm. As you say if I were naked you would have to be careful 🙂
    Original Naked Chef

  18. Nice recipe. I’ll certainly be making those with pleanty of brandy. Thanks for the advice!

    BTW, are you really naked when you make these videos and cooking? I guess that’s why we only see your hands. It can be dangerous being naked near to a hot oven and bet it’s a mess geting pastry in your pubes so you did a good job.

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