How To Make a Flip Flop Birthday Cake with Betty Crocker Celebrate summer with a pair of colorful flip-flop cakes. Ingredients 1 box Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® yellow cake m…

This is a preview of a 72 minute instructional DVD entitled “Bake Your Own Wedding Cake”. It shows how to make and decorate four different style wedding cake…

36 thoughts on “How To Make a Flip Flop Birthday Cake with Betty Crocker”

  1. If I ever have a little girl – this is one of the cakes I will make her. This is amazing!

  2. Hi Lucy! To find out what products are available in the UK, we recommend reaching out to our UK team through their site. To find it, just Google “Betty Crocker UK.” We hope this helps!

  3. I love your cake shows my faveret one is the flip-flop cake my nice loves it to she loves your shows and so do i they are so cool and some times cute because the farm one and the catepiler one and the fire truck one.

  4. some people don’t. they might just watch one of their videos and not know what a crumb coat is, so shut up.

  5. I’m making my own wedding cake, ordering the wedding cake tier tins from eBay for about £30 and getting wooden dowel’s for about 50p, that’s me saving at least £300-£500 on our wedding cake

  6. This is very helpful if I decide to bake my wedding cake Ill definately order this video although Id prefer the look of a fondant icing.

  7. a suggestion once the viewer sees the lettering about the dvd maby you could have it fade away so peopple can see the recpies and what your doing ohter than that its a great video.

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