Eggless Chocolate Cake in Pressure Cooker (Cooker Cake)

No need of excuses when it comes baking. You can simply bake cake in Pressure Cooker. For detail recipe please visit…

Baking – see how to make the worlds best cake. visit the norwegian website and you will find more videos.

50 thoughts on “Eggless Chocolate Cake in Pressure Cooker (Cooker Cake)”

  1. Can you please post the measurements. I have been trying to access it from your website, but any of the links on the website are not working.

  2. Eggless cake is preferable for Vegetarians as they cannot tolerate the smell of eggs in their cake and thus they do not consume it.

  3. Hello loved your cake recipe. Can you tell me did you bake the cake in a dry pressure cooker? & did you close the lid right up or not many thanks from Maggie

  4. wow madhura your cake is too good i tried the vanila cake instead chocolate cake it really came out good …thanks

  5. Method of cooking is very good.., but u should also tell the measurements of the ingredients. If we use the Aluminum cooker , shall we use the water in cooker like other recipes…?


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  7. maam it turned out very well but texture and the taste didnt came out too well it was avg. my cocoa powder was light brown while your was dark that is why or bcz of camera flashh your’s was dark?

  8. Thank you for showing this cake to make in Cooker; i used to waste a lot of money to buy outside now for my childrens i can make at home as u said so

  9. jessica hi Mudhra i am suprised to know that we could bake a cake in the cooker thanks a lot for ur recipe i shall surely try it.

  10. TIME duration of cooking i have a simple p. cooker upto whistle or what about its time please reply to me.

  11. verdens beste kake er kjempegod og jeg skal lage den selv for første gang idag, takk for kjekk video;)

  12. It seems to me that you have no culinary knowledge, maybe because UR an American. I tasted your American cakes, and its $hist. They are so fuckn sweet, hurts your might when you eat it. You might as well buy pound of sugar open your mouth and suck it down, and for icing I suggest brown sugar

  13. this looks great, will try it later… have anyone of you guys tried recipes from facebook and twitter like the Real Japanese Recipes, Real Irish Recipes, Real Greek Food Recipes, Real Moroccan Recipes and Real Lebanese Recipes? i tried some and it was great..! anyway, happy cooking and happy eating guys..! 🙂

  14. This is by far not the best cake in the world, how about german cheescake, of colombian genovesa, this one sucks.

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  16. its a Norwegian award winning cake recipe called best cake in the world. If fully finished and topped its one of the best and wettest cakes you will ever eat. Its best covered with cream or marzipan. To get the real picture of how the finished cake looks and also an English recipe go to mylittlenorway website and click on blotkake under quick links. Ps. Norwegians have a bad habit of using Norsk even around foreigners. Very annoying….

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  18. Hey everyone, some of you mayalready know but this is in Norweigen. You can ise the google translate site, it’s really helpful. I’ve got the full recipe in english now!

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