25 thoughts on “Easy Bake Oven, 2007 Hasbro Toys – Making Sugar and Chocolate Cookies With Heart Shaped Centers”

  1. i had the first one but my mom told me to throw it away because it was causing radition in kids body she saw it on the news man i miss it

  2. Yep, just put in the number for the auction listing. Then I can cut and paste in the search box.

  3. Thanks for the offer… It is appreciated… we would not want to take your oven 🙂 but, if we can’t fins one soon, them we just might be able to make a deal.

  4. Mine is currently pink-ish… the color is kinda iffy now because its so old haha.. If you were actually interested I cant be positive I could give you it because some of the pieces might be missing… :/

  5. No, not at all, actually I find them rather interesting and fun to learn about. Especially toys from different generations… I think of our videos really has a historical toy archive in video form. Our videos bring out a lot of good memories for people.. thanks for watching!

  6. Hey luckypennyshop if you still don’t have the very first one… I DO! We could trade ovens… Hehe?

  7. No, I don’t – it is called a microphone and you have speakers… Try it at home some time and see what it sounds like :)

  8. …hmmm…used to have one of these…i now want another one!!! How much for one from you? A lucky penny?(joking)

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