Cookie-baking robot!

Cookie-baking robot!

This work has been supported in part by Willow Garage and an NDSEG fellowship. We are grateful for this support. CSAIL students programmed the PR2 robot (built by Willow Garage) to perform the wide variety of tasks required to bake cookies (Chocolate Afghans, to be exact). For more info:

25 thoughts on “Cookie-baking robot!”

  1. Looks like I’ll be out of business soon. Or maybe I can hire a few of these “guys”! Cindy/The Hungry Monkey Baking Co.

  2. Ooh man, too industrialized, movement not fluid more attack and sudden, awkward positions. But it’s more than what I can do

  3. awesome, good video, トイレ掃除は、人間はしたがらないので…いいかも特に公衆は

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