25 thoughts on “Clean Eating No-Bake Sweet Potato Pie”

  1. I’m going to try it today. When I first saw your name I thought it was a combination of Dani’s Pies. lol

  2. yes, but it has the vitamins and minerals from the potatoes that were saved during the steaming. so yes it is unhealthy but it could be even worse

  3. , then again, she ends up mixing it with a lot of stuff that will make it delicious…yet unhealthy. :(

  4. steaming is WAY healthier, the water used in boiling sucks out alot of nutrieants(?) while steaming keeps them intact

  5. Thanks for checking… my vet said I was all clear. Besides…. it was just my husband and I eating it so we should be safe.

  6. she licked the fork then used it to mash the potato… hope she had the all clear from the vets

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