48 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!”

  1. Hey Jon, I love you and your sisters videos! They always make me smile and laugh there just too funny. Also I noticed that your cookies had a burnt look because after reviewing your video I noticed that the rack thats in your oven is to close to the top coil. It should be set in the middle of your oven for even baking!! Just thought that might help your sister and her baking, and remember like Julia Child said, “measurements matter they really do”. Watch Julie and Julia and you”ll see!

  2. I cant imagine the smell in that room… maybe i can though…
    Nice cookies, Jon’s cookies that are flat ftw!

  3. Yan’s cookies will taste better, but Jon’s will look better, that’s my guess for the results. 😉

  4. try this recipe and follow it. i tried this and it was delicious. turned out perfect.
    it’s called the ultimate chocolate chip cookie
    it’s by jakatak69

  5. benji! can you get judy to give you the recipe or can you show us how to make sopa! omfg it looked so good, i really really want to learn how to make the specific one judy made

  6. BENJI!!!!!!!!! Thank u thAnk u thank u for this recipe!!!! I love watching its Judy’s life and time but your channel truly inspires me to cook healthier and more often. With that being said I have to thank you one more time ! Thank u! I love baking and cookies but have never come across a cookie recipe I’ve ever felt was AMAZIng until now! My husband literAlly told me they are orgasmic! Lm

  7. I just made this recipe but I also added Pandan flavouring and white chocolate chip instead of the milk choc chip and OMG… sooo delicious! Thanks for the recipe! Easy to make. Had to put the temperature down to 180 degrees Celsius for 12 mins… still. Perfect!

  8. My cookies came out greaaatttt!! The only thing is I put only 1 egg cuz you did too but 375 is too high i put mine on 350 cuz the first batch on 375 burned the bottoms. But it’s a great cookie!

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