25 thoughts on “(breyer horse) Baking a cake… Breyer Style! (63+ SUBSCRIBERS!)”

  1. I don’t know why i watched this becaused i don’t like cake lol I’m so wired becaues i don’t like cake

  2. It’s cool ow who am I kidding I’m younger than you and NOT hyper like you for DAMB cake haha the video is still FUNNY!!

  3. At the start of the video I was wondering how the HECK that would ever become a cake. What this prooves: fruitsalad234 can do ANYTHING with her breyers xD

  4. Oh shnoodles!?!? LOL!!! HAHAHA FUNNY WORD HAHA THIS VIDEO IS SOOOO AWSOME!!! COOCOO FOR CAKE!!!!!!! XD You also inspired me to start collecting breyers and making videos now. We will miss you Fruit Sald so long. :”)

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