Baking Star Wars Gingerbread Cookies with Rumble Linus Cat Tips

Best cookie cutters ever!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Contest - Krysta Blade is baking cookies for a contest giveaway

Contest are awesome! Especially when you can win free stuff. Our friend Krysta Blade is having a contest and baking some cookies and stuff to giveaway here on YouTube. This is my entry and video response. We have been subscribed to Krysta for awhile now and enjoy her friendship. Her YouTube cannel is growing rapidly and we wish her all the best and know she will be very successful with it. Get in the contest – We’re on Facebook – and Twitter – Stop by sometime and say hello 🙂

50 thoughts on “Baking Star Wars Gingerbread Cookies with Rumble Linus Cat Tips”

  1. I can imagine ‘Betty Crocker’ mixing batter in a bowl..wearing an apron and her hair done up perfectly…All 1950’s style..except….
    with her AR15 leaning against the wall and an extra high-capacity Pmag magazine sitting on the counter.. could pull that off..
    Welcome to the new millennium.. Good luck with the ‘giveaway’.

  2. LOL you liked the “She is a Sparkplug” comment. Well you are full of life and a little attitude and are finding your online persona. So Sparkplug fits you like a glove! That is a compliment my friend!! Take care and say hi to The COL. for me.

  3. aw thanks Cindy! yes I have subbed she is a sparkplug LOL Uncle Rich is a good guy and mentor! take care Cindy & Mike!

  4. Krysta is blast to watch. I got her link a couple of days ago, and watching her Christmas video had me smiling for her. She seems to appreciate everything she gets which is rare with others her age.

  5. You get a pass on anything….well almost anything. Have a great weekend my friend and be sure and check out Krystas channel. She’s good peeps 🙂

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